October 5, 2013

Platts, 01 October 2013

Turkish gas consumption to reach 47.6 billion cu m/yr this year

Turkish gas consumption is expected to reach 47.6 billion cubic meters this year, Okan Yardimci an official from Turkey's energy market regulator EPDK told a conference in Istanbul Tuesday.

Of this, 57% is expected to be supplied by Russia, 18% by Iran, 9% by Azerbaijan, 2% by local production and the remaining 14% through Turkey's two long term LNG contracts with Algeria (4 Bcm/year) and Nigeria (1.2 Bcm/year) and spot purchases he said.

Turkey's state statistics office does not publish figures for natural gas imports.

The latest official figures available from state gas importer Botas indicate that by the end of July the company had imported 22.1 Bcm, a figure which does not include imports by private sector companies which hold contracts for the import of a total 10 Bcm/year.

Yardimci also told the conference that the EPDK currently has applications for three natural gas storage facilities and three LNG import terminals, but did not give details of planned capacities.

However, he did mention that planned changes to Turkey's existing gas market law include giving exemption to allowing third party access to new LNG terminals to 2025 as an encouragement to private sector companies to develop the three planned terminals.

--David O'Byrne, newsdesk@platts.com
--Edited by Jeremy Lovell, jeremy.lovell@platts.com